"As waves make oceans completeFate is the shell of my beatOh how I feel, all that I needUnder my thoughts, under my fears”
(Armin van Buuren - If you should go)

What on Earth did I do here.
Anyway, first drawing for 2014. I really wanted to draw my OTP, and I made it a bit sadstuck since I am not feeling too good lately.
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"Get out of my face"
my headcanons for these two aren’t exactly what you’d call “friendly” w
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10/9 !!! 
so my friend suddenly skyped me at 12:00 am saying that hey today’s 10/9 why not make this toukyuu toukyou day i was like SURE YEAH so HEREE
tomorrow’s toutou day!!!!
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Akafuri bookmark
another stuff for comifuro3 event. :D
i love this pairing.. but i know there were not very many people ship akashi with furihata. orz
but the newest chapter of kurobasu is giving a huge hints of akafuri. it’s like a dream come true for akafuri’s fans… XD 
aaaaaah.. my lovely chihuahua vs lion-sama
emperor x coward
gaaaah it’s not enough… hope i can make midotaka and kagakuro bookmark in time. :’3
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oook now u wont leave me again mwahahaha
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